General Information

August 25, 26, and 27th

TENT CAMPING is allowed on Venus land.   If you would like to bring your camper or RV, Vandalia Lake and campground is located approximately 3 miles from the festival.  The lake campgrounds are $20 per sleeping unit per night. We just do not have the space or the hookups… sorry friends.  We hope to outgrow this space soon and replace it with an all-inclusive camping wonderland with all the sweet hookups you could even THINK of!  But until then, tent camping is super fun!

Personal campfires are not permitted. However, we WILL have some fire pits established in a few spots around the grounds for your pleasure.  You can TOTALLY bring tikki torches, though… those are awesome.

Camping spaces are first come, first serve, but please be mindful of space.  We are REALLY hoping for SO many attendees, that you make new friends you might consider family!! So let us all make sure everyone will fit in!

And as always – this earth does not belong to us… we belong to her.  So let’s keep her clean.

Some people just aren’t campers… and that’s ok! We won’t judge you.  In fact, we’ll give you the names and addresses of some hotels in town!

Americas Best Value Inn (We’re looking into getting a group rate/deal with them!)
1920 N Kennedy
Vandalia, IL 62471

Holiday Inn Express
21 Mattes Ave
Vandalia, IL 62471

2707 Veterans Ave
Vandalia, IL 62471


This year we will be introducing The Lily Pad by Kellie Landaker and Crew!

They will be serving food at the scheduled eating times
Friday – Dinner
Saturday – Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
Sunday – Breakfast

The Lily Pad will be featuring items such as:
All beef hotdogs
Veggie and Black Bean Burgers
Walking Tacos
Corn on the Cob
Assorted salads and potatoes

Side grab items:
granola bars
hummus and veggies

Please feel free to bring your own coolers! But we ask that you do not bring anything in glass bottles… for a few reasons. #1: Broken glass sucks.  And no matter how careful one is, you can never be certain that accidents won’t happen.  #2: Our recycling facilities are not yet capable of recycling glass, and we want to be a green as possible!

Friday and Saturday will be your days to partake in the wonderful music that Venus provides.  We personally scour the country to bring you the best artists.  We hand select musicians that fit the Venus intention and vibration – and you can be sure that we have already heard them live.  We promise quality and beauty from all walks of life!  The performers are listed on the “entertainment” page of the website as well as links to their websites – so don’t take OUR word for it… go check them out! Then be excited. Be VERY excited!

There are many activities at Venus Music Festival! On Friday, the evening will start with the opening ceremonies as well as meet and greet, workshops, Venus artists,  open mic and karaoke!
On Saturday, we’ll feature the Venus artists, a silent raffle, as well as some super fantastic workshops that you won’t want to miss! Smash some plates, ghost hunt, or learn how to manifest all of your life’s dreams! All of the workshops are listed with a description on the “workshops” tab on our website, and all of our activities are listed on the “schedule” tab.  IN ADDITION – for your soul’s sanity…  you do not have to make the difficult decisions on what to do when… we’ve made it easy.  The schedule does not make you choose!  Everything is strategically placed so you can DO IT ALL!  We’re always thinkin’ of you… calm down, people.

The price for this event is as incredible as the event itself! For the low, low price of just $40, you get three days of magic! (Children 11 and under are FREE!)

Your ticket price includes parking, camping space for two nights, all activities and workshops, and a full day of music!  The ticket price is the same even if you are not camping… and the same price if you only come on Saturday.

Tickets are available online at —–TBA—–  and there are links all OVER this website.  Online ticket purchases include a set of free raffle tickets for our silent raffle!

Tickets will also be available at the gate.

Keep watch on Venus’ Facebook page because we’ll be having a contest or two where you can win FREE TICKETS!!!

Venus is located on the picturesque landscape of Osborne Farms in Vandalia, Illinois.  SO picturesque, that it does not come up on any Map Quest, or GPS.  Therefore, we offer you the address of a gas station in Vandalia, Illinois and invite you to stop, stretch your legs,  grab a cold pop, use the restroom, say hello to the natives, and then follow all of the pretty signs that we have handmade (and when I say we, I mean Lori Osborne) approximately seven miles out to the festival grounds.

Here’s the address…

Sunset 66
1820 Veterans Ave
Vandalia, IL 62471


You CAN Google Map search it as “Venus Land, Vandalia, Illinois

ANYONE and EVERYONE are welcome at Venus Music Festival!! Some people get befuddled… they assume that because it is a women’s music festival, only women are allowed to attend. But it is our belief that all kinds of people enjoy women’s music, therefore all are invited to benefit from this remarkable experience! Men, women,  dogs… grandmas, grandpa’s, aunts, uncles… boys and girls of all ages (although we do NOT censor our artists, so it is at the parent’s discretion)… red and yellow, black and white… ALL are welcome!

If you DO decide to bring your pup, it must be on a leash and friendly with other dogs and humans.  If Fido decides he doesn’t care for others, then he must leave … and you kinda have to go with him.  Also, please have your poo bags with you, so you can clean up after him as well.  We like fertilizer… but no.

And hey! We don’t discriminate! Same goes for your grandma! Be nice and don’t leave poo in our yard!


Love, Mrs. Osborne
Proceeds from Venus Music Festival will go to the “Love, Mrs. Osborne”, a program developed to continue the intention of Vandalia’s most influential music teacher who passed away from cancer in 2007. It was Mrs. Osborne’s intention that every child had access to the music inside of them regardless of financial restraints.  So she would give away lessons and instruments so that any child could find their bliss.  That is what we intend to do.  We will work with local teachers and refurbished instruments to give to students that wish to be involved with music but don’t have the means to purchase instruments or lessons.  Thank you, Mrs. Osborne.


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