Venus Music Festival

August 25, 26, & 27

We are still on family land, and we’re still just as awesome… if not awesomER!

Larry (Summer’s dad) decided we needed more room for Venus to be able to GROW! So he’s GIVEN us acreage so we can do JUST THAT!
HOW AMAZING! (Thanks, dad…)

Picture it:  Rural Midwest on a clear August night.  If you like camping, music, food, inspiration, and like souls where everyone fits, then come celebrate with us at Venus Music Festival!

Artists from around the US congregating in one place to raise the energy level to epic proportions.  Vibrate on a plane of highest intent.  Shine and share your best nature… LOVE!
Come and camp under the stars for two nights.

On Friday we’ll have the opening ceremony and music starts at 5pm

Saturday starts at 10am! Listen to our spectacular artists and peruse the marketplace where you will find massage, tarot card readings, inspirational bookstore, beautiful up-cycled creations, coffee and sweets!  Learn something new in one of our workshops – whether it is Ghost Hunting with the Bond County Ghost Hunter’s Association or Letting Go and Setting Intentions, you are SURE to find something interesting!

Sunday morning guided meditation before you go home rejuvenated for the rest of the year… then… make plans to come back next year!!!

August 25, 26, & 27

Tickets only $40

Proceeds go to the “Love, Mrs. Osborne” project that gives financial support to students who are involved with music programs!


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